Designer Hearing for Telethon Speech & Hearing




Designer Hearing

“Hearing aids are something that people ought to be proud to wear, because hearing is something that shouldn’t be hidden. People with hearing difficulties can wear these designs loud and proud!” - Alister Yiap

We collaborated with Designer Hearing for Telethon Speech & Hearing to celebrate the hearing aid and reposition it as an elegant and sophisticated accessory. Our two pieces were made in our studio using Western Australian gold plated brass, pearls, crystals and diamond simulants.

A cradle concept was developed to achieve balance between a visually stunning design and functionality. We experimented with a range of different materials to deliver aesthetically pleasing results whilst keeping the hearing aid light and comfortable to wear.

We were honoured to be awarded a Commendation Award for Product Design (Jewellery) at the 2018 Design Industry Association WA Annual Awards for these two designs.

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